Hula Hooping In Labor?!?

written by Liz Derry, CPM, LM

I attended a homebirth over the weekend.  The mom who was laboring was having her 3rd baby, her 2nd to be born naturally, and her first to be born at home.  Her last birth had been so fast that everyone but her mom and husband missed it.  This birth she wanted  everyone to be there.  She had her mom and dad, her sister, her best friend, a family friend providing professional photography, her two older children, me as midwife, and my assistant present.

During the majority of the labor she laughed and joked and smiled, visited with everyone present, and even did a hula hooping demonstration during late labor (60-90 minutes prior to giving birth).  You can view the video here.

Here are a few still shots provided by professional photographer out of McAllen Texas. Trish Motheral

hula hooping in late labor
hula hooping in late labor



Pausing for a contraction

imageNot all moms will be able to relax well with so many people present. Many women actually do better when things are a little more private.  However, all women are different.  This is one of the things that is especially wonderful about doing what I do.  As a midwife I am  able to help moms and their families feel safe and secure and cared about and have the labor and birth they want and that best suits their needs.

Not all women will hula hoop or do anything like it in labor, but most women when supported by a caring midwife and in an environment they feel safe in will be able to be more relaxed and work with their body well, and even be able to enjoy  their labor.  Yes, it is possible to enjoy your labor and birth.

baby just born at home in water Images Provided by Trish Motheral


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